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Housing Support

How does Foothills AHEC provide housing support?

Foothills AHEC offers housing (click here for map) for up to 8 weeks upon availability to advanced practice health professions students at no cost to them in the following locations:


Is my clinical rotation eligible for housing support?

Your clinical rotation is eligible for housing support if it meets the following criteria:

  1. Occurs in one of Foothills AHEC’s 31-counties

  2. Occurs in a county more than 25 miles from your educational institution's home campus or from your verified clinical training anchor site

  3. Lasts for a minimum of 8 days

  4. Does not occur while you are receiving travel support

How do I apply for housing support?
  1. Review the Housing Support Policy.

  2. Download and complete the Housing Agreement and Student Support Form.

  3. Email the completed forms to Leslie Preveaux, our Student Support Coordinator.

Are there other ways Foothills AHEC can assist?

Use the buttons below to learn more about getting clinical student support:

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