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Foothills AHEC HSTE Teacher Resources Overview

Discover a wealth of resources on Foothills AHEC's Curriculum, Lesson Plans, & Learning Activities page. Access curriculum planning tools such as the Federal Registry for Educational Excellence and the Georgia Department of Education Health Science Plan of Study. Engage in online learning activities through platforms like MedMyst and the National Institutes of Health Office of Science Education. Explore health career presentations and programs facilitated by the Health Careers Coordinator, including intensive programs for high school students interested in healthcare careers. Connect with prominent organizations in the field and access supplementary classroom materials and informative videos covering various health professions. Foothills AHEC is your guide to a comprehensive and interactive learning experience in healthcare education.

Curriculum, Lesson Plans & Learning Activities

Curriculum and planning:


Online learning activities:


Health careers presentations & programs:

  • Our Health Careers Coordinator travels to high school classrooms throughout our 31-county service area to educate students about resources, educational programs, and healthcare career opportunities in Georgia. 

  • She also organizes intensive programs on college campuses for high school students who have a decided interest in pursuing careers in healthcare.

Supplementary Classroom Materials



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