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What is a clinical student?

A clinical student is an advanced practice health profession student who has completed the majority of the didactic portion of their education and who is gaining experience and instruction in providing direct patient care in a health care institution under the supervision of a preceptor.

​How does Foothills AHEC help clinical students? 

​Foothills AHEC helps clinical students during community-based training by offering clinical placement assistance to MD, DO, and PA students, as well as housing and travel support to all advanced practice health profession students. We offer this support to students at no cost to them to facilitate training opportunities within the 31 northeast Georgia counties we serve, particularly those medically underserved rural and urban communities. This support is paid for by Foothills AHEC and our community partners and is in no way funded by tuition dollars. 

I am a clinical student. How can I get help?

We help clinical students in 3 major ways:

  1. Clinical Placement

  2. Travel Support

  3. Housing Support

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