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Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is composed of leaders from educational institutions, hospitals, public health agencies, physician practices, and the community at large who offer their expertise to accomplishing our mission to recruit, train, and retain healthcare professionals in northeast Georgia.



David Westfall, MD, MPH, CPE

Affiliated Professor Emory University
Gainesville, GA


Vice Chair:

Michelle "Shelley" A. Nuss, MD, FACP

Campus Dean

Campus Associate Dean for GME & DIO
AU/UGA Medical Partnership
Athens, GA



Jim Sass, MEd, CIIP, RT (R)(M)(QM)

Retired, Community Member

Cleveland, GA



David Cronic 

Retired, Toccoa Clinic Administrator 
Toccoa, GA


Nina Cleveland, PhD, MPH

Department Chair, Asst. Professor, Health Sciences

Georgia Gwinnett College

Lori Duke, PharmD

Assistant Dean, Division of Experience Programs

UGA College of Pharmacy

Athens, GA

R. Daniel Graves

President & CEO

Elberton Federal Savings & Loan

Elberton, GA


J. Wayne Hill, MD
Retired, Community-Based Preceptor
Clermont, GA

Denise D. Kornegay, MSW (ex-officio)

Statewide AHEC Network Director

Augusta University

Augusta, GA

Alex Lowrey, PhD
Professor of Biology
University of North Georgia-Gainesville Campus
Gainesville, GA

Susan D. Pope

Human Resources Director

Wills Memorial Hospital

Washington, Georgia


Melody A. Stancil, MD
Retired, Community Member
Maysville, GA

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