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RN Reentry Program

What is the RN Reentry Program?

The RN Reentry program is meant to help nurses who are presently ineligible for reinstatement of their license to regain licensure so that they can return to the healthcare workforce. Foothills AHEC has been approved by the Georgia Board of Nursing (GBON) to provide the individualized combination of 40 hours of self-study relevant to nursing and a regionally-based clinical practicum of 160 hours of supervised clinical nursing practice. The 40 hours of self-study also provides 40 hours of certified continuing nursing education (CNE) credit.

Who is eligible for the program?
  • RNs who wish to reinstate their lapsed GA nursing license by completing a required Board-approved reentry program

  • RNs who have an active GA nursing license but have not practiced recently and wish to refresh their knowledge base and/or nursing skills in preparation to reenter the nursing profession in a clinical setting

  • RNs who have an active nursing license in another state but need to complete a required Board-approved reentry program to apply for a GA license

  • All candidates must be previously or currently U.S. licensed RNs with U.S. hospital experience within their nursing program and/or 6 months or more of practice as an RN in the U.S.

  • All candidates must be living in Foothills AHEC's 31-county service area to enroll. Find your county on this Georgia Statewide AHEC Network map to determine which AHEC can assist you.

I am eligible. How do I complete the program?

Use the buttons on the left to learn how to complete the RN Reentry Program.

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