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Undergraduate Students

How does Foothills AHEC help undergraduate students?

Foothills AHEC seeks to expose youth and adults to careers in healthcare by offering outreach presentations, camps, conferences, and resources in collaboration with educational partners. 

What programs and resources does Foothills AHEC offer undergraduate students?

Each year, our Special Projects Coordinator plans and implements the Pathway to Med School Program - a 4-week, residential program that targets undergraduate pre-medical students attending Georgia institutions who are interested in pursuing primary care physician practice in family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, or women's health. 

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Foothills AHEC partners with the Georgia Statewide AHEC Network and its 6 centers to produce the Health Careers in Georgia   publication every 3 years. This publication includes state-specific details on over 80 health careers reviewed by expert readers across Georgia, as well as information about how to pursue a health career and the latest industry trends.

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