Foothills AHEC supports advanced practice health profession students during community-based training by offering clinical placement assistance, preceptor development, housing support, and travel support. We offer this support to students at no cost to them to facilitate training opportunities within the 31 northeast Georgia counties we serve, particularly those medically underserved rural and urban communities. This support is paid for by Foothills AHEC and our community partners and is in no way funded by tuition dollars. If your rotation is outside of our service area, click on the county or region in which you will be completing your rotation on the map below to find the AHEC that can assist you.

Clinical Placement


Foothills AHEC provides assistance to advanced practice health professions students in finding community-based clinical preceptors and rotations in our service area, as well as resources and incentives for preceptors.

For student placement assistance, please contact our Preceptor Coordinator.

If you need assistance with clinical placement outside of our service area, click the county or region in which you wish to train on the map below to determine which AHEC can assist you.



In regards to current regional AHEC student housing and clinical rotations, please review the Georgia Statewide AHEC Network link: 

Georgia Statewide AHEC Housing/Clinical Updates for COVID-19

Travel Support


Foothills AHEC offers travel support to advance practice health profession students. The student is eligible for travel support:


  • If he/she is completing a rotation in one of Foothills AHEC’s 31-counties

  • If he/she is traveling to a clinical training rotation site in one of  Foothills AHEC's counties which is outside the educational institution/home campus by at least 25 miles


For a clinical rotation lasting 20 days or more, the travel support will be in the amount of $50 per completed rotation. For a clinical rotation lasting less than 20 days, the travel support will be in the amount of $25 per completed rotation. Rotations must be a minimum of 8 days to be eligible for travel support. Students receiving housing support are not eligible for travel support.


Please email our Student Support Coordinator to request travel support. You must complete the Statewide AHEC Support Form for each rotation and  email or fax it to our office at 770-533-9893.

Housing Support


Foothills AHEC offers housing (click here for map) to advanced practice health professions students at no cost to them upon availability in the following locations:



To inquire about housing please email our Student Support Coordinator. You must complete the Statewide AHEC Support Form and the Housing Agreement and email or fax it to our office at 770-533-9893.

For students using free AHEC housing for their regular clinical rotations, federal grant funding requires completion of formal didactic activities.  See reading list and directions here.




On April 25th 2019, Governor Kemp signed into law HB 287 which deleted the existing Preceptor Tax Incentive Program Tax deduction and replaced it with a new and expanded tax credit.  The new legislation allows for the following:​

  • Expands the definition of eligible preceptors to include advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) and physician assistants (PAs);

  • Removes limitations on the types of rotations covered (e.g. beyond traditional primary care rotations);

  • Implements an incentive structure so that a preceptor will earn a lesser amount for the first 3 rotations precepted, and the amount will increase for rotations 4-10.  Physicians will receive  a $500 credit for each rotation for the first 3, and $1000 each rotation for 4-10.  This would mean that a physician preceptor who provided 10 rotations would earn $8500 in tax credits for the calendar year.  An APRN or PA preceptor would earn $375 for each of the first 3 rotations, and $750 for each rotation 4-10.  Therefore, an APRN or PA who provided 10 rotations would earn a total of $6375 in tax credits for a calendar year.

More information can be found at:

the GA-PTIP website:

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