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Foothills AHEC makes Georgia a better place to work for health care professionals by providing incentives and continuing education in collaboration with community partners and state leaders.

Continuing Education


Foothills AHEC is dedicated to narrowing professional practice gaps and developing the Georgia healthcare workforce. In these efforts, we partner with organizations across the state to provide live and online continuing education opportunities to build healthcare providers' skills and knowledge, while also providing them with the credits they need to maintain employment, state licensure, and national certification. This includes our participation in the HealthTecDL program.  

RN Reentry Program


The Foothills AHEC RN Reentry Program has been approved by the Georgia Board of Nursing to provide the individualized combination of 40 hours of self-study relevant to nursing and 160 hours of supervised nursing practice required by the Board for application or reinstatement of license as a registered professional nurse.



The Georgia Statewide AHEC Network worked to create and pass legislation that creates tax deductions of up to $10,000 for uncompensated community-based faculty physicians who provide training to medical, physician assistant, and nurse practitioner students. 


As of July 2014, these physicians who provide a minimum of 3 (to a maximum of 10) rotations can claim a tax deduction of $1,000 for every 160 hours of training provided.  Students must be enrolled in one of the state’s public or private medical/osteopathic, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner programs.


View the webinar below for PTIP updates:


GA PTIP 2018 Update for Physician Preceptors

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