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Foothills AHEC exposes youth and adults to careers in health care by offering presentations, programs, counseling and resources.

Health Careers Presentations & Programs

Our Health Careers Coordinator travels to middle and high school classrooms throughout our 31-county service area to present options in the healthcare field. Students learn about resources, educational programs, and job opportunities in Georgia. She also collaborates with secondary and higher educational institutions to plan and conduct intensive programs for high school students who have a decided interest in pursuing careers in health care.  

Foothills AHEC, in collaboration with the Georgia Statewide AHEC Network Centers and Program Office, produces and provides both print and online access to the Health Careers in Georgia manual, a comprehensive resource for preparing students for careers in health care.

Pathway to Med School Program

Each year, our Special Projects Coordinator plans and implements the Pathway to Med School Program - a four-week, residential program  which is modeled after Southwest Georgia AHEC's successful Pathway to Med School Program and targets undergraduate pre-medical students attending Georgia institutions who are interested in pursuing primary care physician practice in family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, or women's health. 

Our Health Careers Coordinator identifies and organizes current and credible online health careers resources for students and for teachers. Follow this link to see Georgia careers in demand.


Foothills AHEC partners with universities in our service area to expose students to healthcare careers via hands-on activities on college campuses. These intensive programs are designed to give high school students (or recent graduates) an inside look at the lives of college students in healthcare professional education programs.


Foothills AHEC offers a scholarship opportunity to eligible Intensive Program graduates. For eligibility requirements and other details, please visit our Foothills AHEC Scholarship page.


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