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Enrollment Process

School Application
How do I enroll in the RN Reentry Program?
  1. Submit an application for licensure to the Georgia Board of Nursing (GBON).

    • Download the appropriate application from the GBON website (Licensure by Endorsement vs. Reinstatement).

    • Complete the application and state that you intend to enroll in Foothills AHEC's board-approved RN Reentry Program. 

    • Submit the completed application and required fee to GBON.

    • If your name has changed, include a copy of your marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court order.​

  2. After a response is received from GBON, schedule a meeting with the RN Reentry Program Coordinator to develop a program completion plan.

  3. The RN Reentry Program Coordinator will provide a letter to GBON outlining the reentry program completion plan consisting of 40 hours of study and 160 hours of supervised nursing practice (including Form A and clinical schedule).

  4. After the program completion plan is approved by GBON, a temporary license valid for 6 months will be issued to the enrollee. The program must be completed within 6 months of receiving the temporary license. 

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