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at The Crossroads at Lake Oconee
1 Apartment
6 Beds Total
How do I get housing in Eatonton? 

  1. Review the Eatonton Housing Information.

  2. Complete the Eatonton Housing Request online form OR complete and submit the Student Support Form to Leslie Preveaux, our Student Support Coordinator

  3. Review and sign the Housing Agreement and then submit to Leslie Preveaux

  4. Select one article to read from the following list at this website.  Upon finishing the article, click the link below to attest that you have completed this activity. (There is no graded assignment.)  Attestation is due before vacating the housing.

What if I need to cancel housing in Eatonton? 


Statewide AHEC Housing Cancellation Policy:  

Housing cancellations must be immediately communicated to the AHEC by you (the student) and no other person, including the clerkship coordinator. There is a 30 day cancellation policy for clerkships. If you fail to cancel a housing reservation 30 days prior the start day of a rotation then you are subject to a $200 housing fine and risk forfeiture of future use of all AHEC housing for the remainder of the clinical year.

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